Reiki Level 1 Training

Connect to Reiki energy and learn techniques to bring healing, relaxation and balance to body, mind and spirit

Ready to experience a deep transformation in your body, mind and soul?

This self-paced online course with live online attunement is for anyone who wishes to become connected to the high vibration energy of Reiki and begin a personal healing journey.

This training introduces you to the Usui System of Reiki energy healing from Japan. You will experience the energy and learn how to treat yourself and loved ones.

Learn Reiki: Usui 1st Degree / Level 1

As you discover the Usui system of Reiki energy healing you’ll receive an attunement to the energy via a live one -to-one experience. Pre-recorded video and presentations will demonstrate how to work with the energy to treat yourself and others. You’ll also experience receiving a treatment and how to perform many other Reiki techniques and meditations to cleanse your energy field, help you relax and restore wellbeing to body, mind and spirit. There will be lots of opportunity to practise sensing and working with Reiki to provide you with confidence to treat yourself, family, friends, plants and animals.

You will:

  • Discover Reiki, its origins, techniques and how to sense and channel the energy.
  • Receive a one to one live online Reiki attunement that connects you to the vibration of Reiki.
  • Learn Reiki meditations to relax your mind and increase your wellbeing.
  • Practice energy cleansing techniques to release blocked and stagnant energy from your energy field.
  • Experience energising Reiki techniques to boost your energy system.
  • Learn how to scan energy fields and treat yourself and others with Reiki.
  • Understand the importance of grounding, intention and space clearing.

Reiki transforms your energy field forever

Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, Reiki is with you for ever so whenever you lay your hands on someone with the intention to heal or help, Reiki will flow. Reiki’s gentle energy may be used safely by people of all ages, including pregnant mothers and the elderly. Reiki works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies and is a great self-help tool if you suffer from chronic / long term illness.


That was such an amazing experience - more so that is happened online and moved from the physical to the virtual in such a short space of time. Thank you!

- Kate, Course participant

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This Reiki Level 1 training covers the following:

  • Introduction to Reiki and its origins
  • Ways of using Reiki
  • The Reiki principles
  • Introduction to chakras and sensing energy flow
  • Self practise
  • Hand positions
  • The attunement and cleansing period
  • Giving treatments to others
  • Reiki ethics and Q & A
  • Reiki meditation techniques and energy practices

Each student receives:

  • Reiki Level l manual and pdf course notes
  • Reiki Level l attunement via a live online classroom
  • Engaging video lessons and demonstrations with Fay
  • Reiki Level l certificate (following completion of a case study)
  • Follow up support with regular online Reiki shares to practice and exchange Reiki
  • Facebook group for further Q & A

" Thanks for an amazing course - it was truly amazing and i have already had some incredible experiences"

- Pippa Rodger, course participant

Your Instructor

Fay Johnstone
Fay Johnstone

A Reiki Master Teacher of Usui Shiki Rhoyo and the founder of Plant Spirit Reiki, I am passionate about connecting plants and people to help Earth conscious healers experience the alchemy of nature and discover your unique way of aligning with your inner magic.

I draw on my experience as a former owner of a flower and herb farm, 20 years of Reiki Practice and Shamanic Training to help you open to open to whispers of nature.

I work with Reiki, meditation, gardening, plant medicine and Shamanic techniques. By honouring the seasons and elements, living in close connection with Mother Earth I believe we can feel supported and guided by the natural world and experience transformation and growth on both a personal and planetary level.

My books are available here: Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing and Plant Spirit Reiki

Visit for more info!


You may feel called to Learn Reiki Level 1 because of one or any of the following:

  • you or a loved one have a long-term health condition which will benefit from daily energy healing and mental/emotional support
  • you often feel anxious and stressed and will benefit from regular meditation, grounding and calming self-treatment with Reiki
  • you suffer from depression and will benefit from feeling connected and supported by a regular practise that connects you to something larger than yourself.
  • you are a therapist or practitioner who would like to add Reiki to your tool kit to further benefit your clients
  • you have experienced the benefits of Reiki from a Practitioner and now it’s time for you to empower yourself and connect to Reiki for your own path.
  • you are seeking a tool that will help you improve your wellbeing and bring transformation to your life
  • you would like to be able to care for your loved ones by boosting their wellbeing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.
  • To read about my top 10 reasons for learning Reiki go here

I had been interested in Reiki for a long time and decided to explore it with Fay. I was sceptical whether I would be able to relate to it. To my delight I really could connect with it and feel its effect right away. Fay holds the space and helps everyone in a lovely way, an inspiring experience!

- Frances, Course participant

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no knowledge about energy I’m worried I won’t understand.
No previous experience or sensitivity with energy work is necessary. Reiki is designed to be simple to learn, accessible for everyone and easy to use. The lessons and exercises are easy to follow. You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the facebook group and during any live calls during the program.
Will this course help me work as an energy healer?
This is Reiki level 1 training which means it connects you with the flow of Reiki. This course will help you understand and experience the healing flow of Reiki, its origins and how it can be applied. The focus is on self-treatment and treating friends, family and pets. If you are seeking to take your training further and become a professional Reiki practitioner you will need a) an in-person attunement and b) to learn Reiki Level 2 training.
What if I already work with energy intuitively? Is this going to be too basic for me?
That's great that you are already aware of energy flow and might be sensitive to the energy of others and places. This course focuses on Reiki, so you will learn the system of Reiki, specific ways to work with Reiki energy and the origins of the system. Reiki is unique in that it is passed from teacher to student via an attunement. It will help if you are already sensitive to energy as you will pick up Reiki very quickly. The course may also provide focus for your intuitive energy connection and strengthen your ability as a channel.
I might need some extra 1:1 assistance, is this something you offer too?
Fay also offers one to one healing, mentoring and shamanic coaching visit or contact [email protected] for details.
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access for as long as the course is running! You can access whenever you need to and also it's possible to download the content too.
I don’t have much spare time to study, how long does the course take?
Consider Reiki level 1 training as the beginning of a journey rather than a course. Each module is divided into short 20 - 30 minute sections so you won't find hours of video to watch in one go. The amount of time you take on the practical exercises is up to you. There is no rush. The Reiki journey is a practice so the time that you put into the connection and practice with Reiki will help you have a deeper experience and understanding of the energy. Students are encouraged to incorporate Reiki connection into their daily routine such as while lying in bed at night or in the shower, to make it easy to experience Reiki and feel confident. Practice, practice, practice!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund. A refund cannot be provided after you have experienced the Reiki attunement in module 2.



I'm excited to guide you on this heart centred journey into Reiki and find out where it will lead you!

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