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  How to get the most from the course


I'm so excited to welcome you on this journey to discover the spirit of plants. Watch the video and see below for a few pointers to make sure you get the most out of this program.

All content will be released on the dates shown on the curriculum.

Please note the video refers to 3 live classes - this has now changed to monthly online classes.

An email will be sent to you with a link on how to join in the online space.

Please request here to join the private Plants that Speak Online Facebook Group

Please note that the Facebook Group is where I will be answering questions.

I suggest you get a new journal for all of your plant spirit adventures, the pdfs available during the course do not have the facility to write in them online.

All content is possible to download, you can also use the Teachable app.

Enjoy the unfolding of this beautiful and sacred spiral path as you journey closer to your true nature and remember the special bonds that you share with the plant kingdom and all creatures of the earth.

May this plant spirit journey fill you with rich,

deep pleasures that light up your soul.

May it unlock the innate knowing that flows through you

and let your beautiful spirit shine out into the world

as you remember your unique and special nature.

Green Magic Awaits you!