How to get the most from the course


I'm delighted to introduce you to the magic of the drum with your Reiki practice.

For this mini course, you will not need your own drum, however if you want to take your training further either with myself or another teacher, you will want to get your hands on your very own drum.

Further details about where to find drums can be found on the next lesson which is a copy of a lesson from my Shamanic Reiki Drum Certification Course.

To get the most from this course:

  1. Make sure you listen to the course in a sacred space, somewhere you won't be disturbed, where you can dedicate your mind, body and spirit to absorbing the frequency of the information that is provided.
  2. You may also wish to get a new journal in which to note down your reflections as you begin your Reiki Drum journey.
  3. Please request to join the private facebook here so that you can share your journey with others and ask questions.
  4. Always call in Reiki (along with another other guides and spirit helpers that you are open to working with) whenever you tune into this course or your Reiki Drum practice.

Remember your Reiki Principles:

Just for Today I will not worry

Just for today I will not get angry

I will be grateful

I will be honest in my work

And I will be compassionate towards myself and others

Complete and Continue