Space Clearing with the drum

Space Clearing

Creating a safe container for healing for yourself and clients is essential. Spaces, like people can retain energy from previous participants or situations so it is very important to cleanse the area of any stagnant or negative energy and fill it with positive energy/love/light.

You probably already have your own techniques for doing this in your Reiki practice. Using the Power symbol or simply asking Reiki to flow into the space with the intention of clearing energy are good practices.

Experiment with different techniques. Candles, incense, smudge sticks are all common tools but a simple clap of the hands, beat of the drum and burst of fresh air can also be affective.

Whenever you make use of plant materials such as incense, essential oils, flower essences or sprays, remember to say a prayer to invite in the spirit of the plant into your space for extra potency.

Some of my favourite ways to create sacred space are:

·      Create an altar or centre piece with natural objects like flowers, stones and feathers

·      Light a candle

·      Burning herbs such as:

White sage or home grown garden sage: to purify people and places

Mugwort: to help with vision

Palo santo: to call to helping spirits

Sweet grass: to bring in positive energies to a space after cleansing

·      Frankincense, cedarwood or Myrrh resins or essential oils to assist with meditation.

·      Lavender essential oil to invoke a calming atmosphere.

·      Clary sage essential oil: For inner connection to the dreamtime.

·      Rosemary herb or essential oil: For protection and to help focus and promote clarity.

·      Rose flowers or essential oil: For opening the heart (receiving/giving).

·      Drum and rattle

NB: Don’t assume a client will be OK with fragrances, essential oils and burning herbs. Always check for allergies and sensitivities – these are more common than we think!

Watch the video below for guidance on space clearing with the drum

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