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Recommended Books

Reiki, Healing and Energy Work

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The Reiki Association

UK Reiki Federation


You Tube Links Johnathan Goldman Reiki chants 30 minute drumming track (shorter ones also online)

Drumming Tracks

This is a 12 minute drumming track by Sandra Ingerman

This is a 20 minute drumming track

This is a 30 minute drumming track

Resources Science of Sound

Dr. Anthony Holland is dedicated to find a sound frequency that can kill cancer cells. This is a principle that has shown clinical results but has been continuously demonized by big pharma.

Cymatics is the visible effect of sound on matter. This principle has been the basis of different sound therapies. 

Since the term was coined by Hans Jenny, the suggestion that sound has a role on shapping matter has been a serious consideration among scientists and mystics.

Dr. Peter Guy Manners was the first sound therapist to use this concept in medicine. Cymatherapy is widely used nowadays as a vibrational therapy to heal physical problems.

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